{August 8, 2011}  

I should have just walked away. (a little background) I am the caretaker of our house. A week ago I went to collect rent from upstairs and they said they needed a few days. I called our sweet little old lady landlord and she said no problem. For the past few days the neighbors have been getting harder and harder to pin down. They will scoot past my room to buy from dopeman, avoiding eyecontact like they get paid to do it. And I have been getting physically sicker and sicker wondering how I am going to deal with the landlord. Haven’t kept food down in three days but, Hey? Who/s counting? I’ve been begging doepma n for minutes for my phone but inststead skank needed a new 200 flat iron (so she can job hunt lol) I shouldn’t have. Really. But I asked the dopeman for a taste. A little piece of dragon to chase the nightmres away before I h=ve to get up at six AM, shlog to the clinic and hen head to work where i call the landlord to tell her the upstairs tenants stole 1420$ from her and trashed the apartmen t. He made me beg In a room full of laughing junkies. Don’t get me wrong, I still did it. I just shouldn’t have.


Oh you’ve been so unlucky these days… really sorry; hope it’ll get better! As one says: “In the end everything will be alright. If it’s not alright; then it’s not the end.”

You, evilnymph, are wise WAY beyond your years.I should be hearing about first day back at school drama, not garnering strength from your support. I’m so beyond grateful that you, a total stranger halfway around the world takes time to give a flying fuck. That said, I know your passion is makeup. I worked as a makeup artist (department stores and indy films mostly but…) If I can repay you with some cosmetic convo when you have time, I’d love to. That course seemed like a sweet deal (way cheaper than stuff in the US) I really hope they offer it (or something similar) again. Yeah, so thanks a lot. a lot a lot. And I hope so far school is kicking ass-or at least tolerable 🙂

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