{August 2, 2011}   Just because no one reads this doesn’t mean I’m boring

I’m a twenty-nine year old recovered-ish heroin addict in the midwest.  I live with three tweekers,  five junkies and myself whatever i may be.  I’m also the only person in the house with a real job.  It may pay minimum wage and involve slinging pornography to men who ate paste in kindergarden and, actually, may still; but no one has complained about my giant dread mohawk and  I actually get paid to debate the viability of George Romero’s theory of zombie evolution as depicted in the film Dawn of the Dead (the original of course). Since I’ve been regaling friends and c0workers with the grotesque, pathetic, unreal, larger than life, cautionary and hilarious tales of life in my house for years, I though maybe I’d have a go at a blog.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m terrified that this will be a colossal failure.  My lonely little words will languish in some dusty dead end, wasting away unread.  If a word falls in the internet and no one reads it does it still matter?  Well fuck it.  I’m going for it.  I’ve lived much of my adult life in hiding (Hello? Almost thirty? Junkie? Minimum wage video store clerk?) So here goes.  My name’s Kate.  This is my life.  I’d love it if you’d join me as I commit literary seppuku ( get it?kate eviscerate?) and spill my guts for all ( or at least someone I hope) to read.


If a word falls in the internet and no one reads it does it still matter?

Yes it still matters. It is good to share your own life experience to others. Who knows? As your blog grows maybe we can learn something from what you’ll tell us. 🙂

Hey lady. Thanks for giving a new (clearly neurotic) blogger a boost 🙂

You’re welcome! Plz put the widget ‘sub by email’ so that I can subscribe to your blog 🙂

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